Walking Ducks

Building Bridges

The Red House

The Palms….Everything is Fine

Alone with His Thoughts

A view from the River

The Black Bird Brings the Message

“Is this the Wolf?”

Bear Claws

Pick Your Poison

The Whistle Blowers


Over Here, He Yells

The Darks of Deception

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

By the River

The Here and Now

In the Woods

Crisis of Fate

Lost and Found

Caught in the Currents

Look And See

The Song of the Builders

The Vain and The Desperate

Fatal Attraction

The Immigration

I am Sometimes a Quiet Person

The Dark Side

The Ringmasterʼs Guest Performer

Thereʼs a Story Here

Beautiful and Dangerous


The Best Dress

Fire and Water


Love is Blind

The War


Sinking Ships

She Cried All Night

Second Thoughts